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Still Life with Gold Leaf and Plastic Fruit

Day 66 of 365 "Still Life with Gold Leaf and Plastic Fruit" Today's image was inspired by the fact that my daughter refuses to pick up all of her plastic fruit. Yeah, she's only 1-year-old..........but still. I decided to rummage through the cornucopia of plastic food, and selected only the choicest fruits and veggies. After quickly Googling classic still-life paintings, I elected to include a decanter as well. Our key light is a deep Octa to camera-left, feathered to avoid too much lighting hitting the black background seamless. I then set up a bare speedlight just to camera-right, and backed it off enough to create a little halo effect on the paper. In post, I added some scratches to give it a slightly painterly quality. And......that's it. Nothing fancy here. It was grape of you to stop by.

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