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A Portrait of a Woman in Front of Canvas

Today's portrait is of a woman in front of a canvas. We used three lights for this one. Our key light is a very snooted speedlight at camera-left, and it is just out of frame. It is focused directly on her visage (face), and nothing else. The closer the light, the tighter the focus. The second light is a ring flash (around the camera lens), and it fills in the shadows and lights her body. Lastly, there is a beauty dish lighting the background. The background light is actually supplying a little hairlight at camera-left, and that kiss of light on her right tricep. I actually did flag the light, but just a tad of light crept around and gave us the rim light. It ended up supplying a little separation. I don't mind it. Thanks for stopping by!!

This second image simply shows the lighting behind (and in front of) the image. The beauty dish at camera-left is making teh rim light around our model's head, and the silly speedlight at left of frame was snooted to light her face. Lastly, the ringflash supplies all the light on her front, aside from her face.

#portrait #woman#ladyportrait #studioportrait #studio#orbisringflash #canvasbackground#canon5dmarkIII #canon24105#canon580exII #pocketwizard#paulcbuffinc #paulcbuffeinstein #dress#whosthatgirl

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